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General Overview

Alumni Membership is available to current and past students of the ifs School of Finance (UK). Its alumni membership package is focused on personal and professional development. So whether an individual is intersted to improve his technical knowledge, develop skills set or enhance personal network, ifs alumni membership can help to achieve these goals during and after completion of studies.


Benefits of being an alumni member:

  • Access the latest industry information through ifs Knowledgebank, the ifs online library;
  • Log personal development online at myCPD, the ifs Continuing Professional Development programme;
  • Read about topical issues in Financial World and at Financial World Online;
  • Network and share ideas with like-minded financial service professionals at regional network events;
  • Attend career evenings for free, and access career support and avice at preferntial rates in the Career Management Centre;
  • Take advantage of tailored learning solutions with ifs Executive Education and claim a members-only discount of up to 20% on courses;
  • Host an event or meeting at the ifs city campus and claim an exclusive alumni members-only discount on venue and room hire.



Alumni membership of the ifs School of Finance (UK): 

  • Gives direct association with an internationally recognised professional body, with a history dating back 130 years;
  • Provides the tools to demonstrate ongoing competency, develop skills and knowledge and support a successful career in financial services;
  • Demonstrates commitment to rebuilding and regaining trust in the financial system and those who operate within it;
  • Gives professional recognition to those who demonstrate commitment to high educational standards and Continuing Professional Development; Offers a comprehensive range of benefits with access to highly relevant and up-to-date information as well as networking opportunities throughout the UK and overseas. 


Alumni Membership Levels:

Student Member - student members are those currently studying a professional higher education qualification with the ifs School of Finance. Student members have access to the full range of alumni services and benefits including career advice services and networking opportunities designed to provide support throughout their studies. For further information on student membership

Alumni Member - membership is open to anyone who has successfully completed an ifs qualification. ifs alumni services and Cintuing professional Development (CPD) programme provide appropriate learning and networking opportunities that are designed to assist alumni after they have finished their studies. For further information on alumni membership


Chartered Fellow - Chartered Fellowship status is available to those who have successfully completed the ifs MSc in Banking Practice and Management, have a minimum of two years relevant experience and have completed one year of quality CPD. Once Chartered Fellow status has been gained, it must be maintained through an annual CPD programme. For further information on Chartered Fellowship


Chartered Associate - Chartered Associateship is a professional designation awarded to experienced Alumni members who have successfully completed an ifs degree or Associateship qualification and undertaken a programme of monitored Continuing Professional Development. Once Chartered Associate status has been gained, it must be maintained through an annual CPD programme. For further information on Chartered Associate


 Information on Fellowship, Associateship and Affiliate Details Page:


The ifs will no longer award new Fellow, Associate or Affiliateship professional designations. All current holders will retain their existing professional designation and have access to the same benefits and services as long as they continue with their Alumni Membership. The gaining of degree-awarding powers along with calls for greater professionalism and relevant qualifications within the financial services industry has prompted a review into how the ifs awards professional designations. The review considered the changes necessary in order to meet new regulatory obligations as a degree-awarding institution, and how to embed a robust framework for professional designations, linking academic achievement with Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


In addition, as a degree-awarding body in its own right, the ifs degree programme no longer requires validation by a University partner which means the programme cannot lead to a 'dual' award. As a result, students who register on the BSc (Hons) programme after 2nd February 2010 will not be eligible to receive the Associateship award on completion of their studies. Please note that successful students who registered before this date are still eligible for the Associateship award. However, students successfully completeing the BSc (Hons) in Banking Practice and Management will be eligible to join the Chartered Associateship scheme provided they also have two years of relevant work experience. A new Chartered Fellow professional designation will be available to students who successfully complete the MSc in Banking Practice and Management.


Chartered professional designations give formal recognition to the application of experience and acdemic understanding as they sit within a structured CPD scheme. By undertaking monitored Continuing professional Development, participants are able to enhance and maintain their skils and technical knowledge after they have completed their studies. If you have any queries regardingg your professional designation, please do not hesitate to contact Alumni Services on +44 207 444 7129 or via

ifs CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Details Page


What is CPD?

CPD demonstrates your commitment to continued learning. It enables you to take control of your career, provides valuable evidence of staying competent and encourages the development of new skills. It is about seeking to increase your knowledge and professionalism and always being ready to learn new ways of becoming more efficient and more effective.


CPD categories and examples

CPD is more about the benefits of learning and development than simply accumulating hours. The ifs recommends that members commit at least 12 hours per year to updating their knowledge, with a minimum of 7 hours logged in categories 1, 2 and/or 3.


Category 1: Further qualifications / distance learning e.g. higher or first degrees, distance learning courses

Category 2: Short courses e.g. company in-house training and development courses, ifs Executive Education

Category 3: Management development e.g. in-house 'fast track programmes'

Category 4: Imparting knowledge e.g. ifs academic staff, coacing/mentoring, industry published articles

Category 5: Conferences, Exhibitions and Seminars e.g. organised by ifs or other work related organisation

Category 6: Meetings e.g. attendance at ifs Regional Network CPD events or at other Institutes CPD events

Category 7: Committee work e.g. ifs Regional Networks, other financial services or trade organisations

Category 8: Private Study e.g. learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, improving performance


Why should you use CPD?


In the current climate it has never been more important to log your CPD. It provides your customers with the reassurance that, as a financial services professional, you continue to maintain your knowledge and skills. CPD also demonstrates to your employer that you are committeed to continued learning and participating in the scheme can help personal employability both internally and externally. myCPD is an easy-to-use Internet interface where all CPD records and claims are logged. It cuts down on time needed to fill in lenghty record cards and gather paperwork. Certificates are available for immediate download once the scheme is completed.


Starting CPD


To join, please log in using your ifs number and password at go to myCPD, click on 'register for CPD this year' and start logging your hours.

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